Suzuki DL1000AL8

Outstanding Refined V-Strom 1000


The V-Strom 1000 is driven by a powerful and versatile 90- degree, DOHC, V-Twin. The strong, rider-friendly nature of this engine gives effortless acceleration no matter what the riding situation or the presence of a pillion rider. The 99 BHP maximum output at 8,000rpm will give the rider with an exciting riding experience, while the optimally weighted magneto and flywheel helps to produce a thick layer of torque of 103Nm as low as 4,000rpm, resulting in a tremendously usable character allowing the rider to always have the required output and not needing to downshift when overtaking on motorways. Furthermore, the engine?s advanced electronic control systems and the attempt to reduce mechanical losses, achieve a low fuel consumption.

Available With £750 Free Suzuki Extras &
3yrs 7.9% APR Finance from £100 Deposit