Our Training Fleet...

Here at Streetbike Training we have a dedicated fleet of 10 bikes of various types to suit the course needs of our trainees...

Click on the videos and have a look round our fleet

4 x Suzuki SV650 ABS
We’ve just changed all four DAS Bikes to the brand new Suzuki SV650 ABS, one of them has been lowered so that we can accommodate all shapes and sizes with confidence.

4 x Suzuki Van Van 125
When we changed our CBT bikes this year to we chose Suzuki Van Van 125’s. Why – simple, they’re bullet proof. Like our DAS fleet we also have a lowered bike available.

2 x Honda NSC50 Vision,
Fully automatic, Like riding a push bike, but no more need to pedal. Simply FUN !

We choose our training school bikes very carefully and are proud to say we have never had a training school bike break down on us. All of our training school bikes are changed every year for brand new machines to make sure that you always have the best and latest bikes to learn on!