Outstanding Bike. Incredible Deal!!


The Adventure Bike Rule Book… Re Written. The New V-Strom – An Adventure Bike designed with the "riding Experience" at its core. And it is a superb ride. Lighter, lower & far more nimble handling in the real world, than all its competitors. If you’ve ridden sports bikes all your life & you’re getting in to this scene, you have certain standards. You want a slick gearbox – The V-Strom delivers. You’ll hate needless weight – The V-Strom carrys none And you just wont settle for lardy handling and sloppy"will it – wont it" brakes. Now you don’t have to. The V-Strom handles stupidly well for an adventure bike. And the brakes…well they’re just outrageous. Get on one and ride.. and ride… and you’ll BUY.

4YRS 0% APR Finance. FREE Garmin Sat Nav
3yrs wtee. Free Datatag. £1k accessories