Yamaha EC03

Streetwise Training Machine


Quite simply, if you’ve got a short commute or need to get to college -it doesn’t get better than this The Yamaha EC-03 – Fun. Very "Eco Savvy – Emissions-free. Pure electric. Fully Automatic. Yamaha Quality.12 Months Warranty.12 months RAC cover.ALL FOR UNDER A GRAND!! Perfect to put in a camper. The EC-03 only weighs 56KG! Charge from a normal plug socket. Full charge is 7 hours from empty to full. That gets you about 30 miles range in STD Mode or 18 in "Power". At 10p Per KwH that charges costs about 70p!! (Much less if the boss will let you charge at work:-) Full Car Licence issued before Feb 2001? – Then you can simply get on & Ride. After that, you need to do a 1 day CBT course -No Probs – £120 we do em here.

Fully Automatic-Fully Electric-Fully Fun
Perfect for a motorhome or commuter