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Dedication and coherence with the values of technology and innovation have meant that TCX have grown and developed, gaining the trust of their clients with every passing day…

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This is the road TCX never deviate from.

Today TCX offer the most complete range on the market: from road racing to off-road boots, touring boots and all kinds of free time footwear, including some designed especially for women. All footwear with exclusive safety solutions that have always represented the main feature and heart of their mission.

TCX® count on their synergy with the Novation Group. The wide range of specific know how of important brands in the sports and work wear sectors give them the possibility to devote a great deal of resources to research and development for experimenting with and introducing technologies and solutions that are totally innovative for the world of motorcycle footwear, starting with safety. Every single model that TCX place on the market also contains all the dedication, commitment and obsessive search for the best of our athletes. These are partners who work in close contact with TCX in every phase of product creation: from the development of a model to the introduction of new protection systems, which are then tested at major sports events and in the most extreme conditions.