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Here's a list of commonly asked questions with answers by our training team...

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I want to take my bike test and get a full motorcycle licence – What do I need to do?

Firstly You will need a UK Provisional or Full car licence with Provisional motorcycle entitlement Cat A (Cat A1 or Cat A2 depending on your age). Then a C.B.T training day & get yourself a CBT Certificate (DL196) next you are going to need to pass a Motorcycle Theory & Hazard Perception Test,  followed by several days on-road training you should then be in a position to take the Module 1 off road & Module 2 on road test, at the end.

Do I have to book my own theory test?

Yes, click on the link to book online at 

you will need your Driving Licence & a Credit / Debit Card.

How long does the theory test take?

About an hour in total !

Is there any literature I can buy to help me pass my theory test?

Yes, we recommend the “The Complete Motorcycle Theory & Hazard Perception Tests” available as a PC DVD Rom. And “The official DVSA Guide to Riding” the essential skills both should be available at any large bookstore.

Do I need to pass the theory if I have a full car licence?

Yes you do, The Motorcycle theory test is a separate & distinct test specifically for Motorcycles, it is valid for two years from date of issue.

Can I carry passengers as a learner?

No, but if you passed your car test before Feb-2001 you can ride a 49cc moped without L Plates and take a passenger.

Can I go on Motorways as a learner?


Do I need L-Plates?

Yes Front and Rear, they should also be clearly visible.

What time do the courses start?

Our courses start promptly at 08.30 and finish between 16.00 and 17.00 hours.

Do I need a theory test to do a C.B.T?


Do I need to renew my C.B.T before my bike training?

Only if it has expired, CBT’s are only valid for 2 years from date issue!

I have a full car licence, do I need a C.B.T?

You may only ride a 49cc moped if you passed you car test before February 2001. Anything bigger requires a C.B.T

How old do I need to be to do my C.B.T?

16 years old, this would enable you to ride upto 49cc, at 17 you could ride up to 125cc.

Do I need to do another C.B.T to ride a 125cc when I am 17 years old?

No, your CBT will be valid for you to ride up to 125cc when you turn 17.

If I do my C.B.T on an automatic, can I ride a geared bike?

Yes, C.B.T is a blanket cover – It will cover a rider for all types of Geared or Automatic bikes up to 125cc.

Can I fail a C.B.T?

As C.B.T is not a test or exam, you cannot fail, however if you do not reach the required standard then we cannot issue a CBT certificate on that day, you will have to re-book and train again, until your instructor feels that you have reached a safe standard of riding & are safe to continue to learn unsupervised.

How long will my C.B.T last?

CBT’s are valid for 2 years,  from the date of issue.

How long does C.B.T take?

We start at 08.30 and finish around 16.00 to 17.00 hrs, you will need to allow the day.