...about Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity

One of just four standalone children’s hospitals in the UK, Birmingham Children’s Hospital is a world leader in paediatric healthcare with over 270,000 patient visits every year...

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Delivering some of the most advanced treatments, complex surgical procedures and cutting edge research and development, the hospital treats one in five children in Birmingham and one in eight children from across the West Midlands.

Every patient and family at Birmingham Children’s Hospital will have been touched by the hospital’s charity in some way. Whether that is a newly refurbished playroom or ward, a state-of-the-art piece of equipment or even a toy at Christmas.

But the impact of fundraising on patient experience is much more than purely financial – it makes a real difference to the services the hospital provides to children and their families during difficult times.

Thanks to all of its supporters, the fundraising team has helped to push boundaries and improve standards of excellence in research, education and treatment.