How to look after my helmet

You can spend a lot of money on cleaning products for your helmet, which do more harm than good.

helmet cleaning by muc-off

We recommend only two products to use on your lid.                

Plain water
the kindest cheapest option (depending on water provider).

Muc-Off products
These products are tried & tested. Products that we keep in stock all year round and our staff use day in day out.

Basically, don’t use any products that come from under the kitchen sink. No Salt, Alcohol or Petrol near your lid!

If the inside of your helmet gets a bit stinky or grimy from sweat, make-up etc. Shift it do a lining sanitiser that works well.

Failing that, you can use something like Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, which is PH Neutral, or you can stick your shower head inside to clean it.

Remove your crown piece and cheek pads (if you have a helmet that allows you to) – but remember – let the helmet dry naturally. You don’t want to end up causing any damage from direct heat!

Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t keep your gloves and keys inside your helmet
This is for a few reasons. Your helmet is designed to mould to you, not to become your dual use shopping basket. All that road grime you pick up as you’re riding is going straight into your helmet, and all over your face. It won’t do the helmet or your skin any good.

Gloves inside damage and scratch Pinlock lenses, resulting in the need to buy a new one. Also the Pinlock lens will absorb any moisture from your gloves, so by the time you go for your ride, it won’t be able to absorb any more moisture and you’ll start steaming up.

Velcro from gloves also cause a lot of damage to your helmet i.e. your chin strap will start to fray.

Do carry your helmet by the chin strap
Fasten the strap and carry it that way, rather than the chin guard. You’re less likely to break vents, wear away the chin bar or drop your helmet.

Do use the sun visor switch
Don’t use your thumb and push it up. It will knock it off the runners and they can be a bit of pain to get back on – Trust Us, We Know!

Do keep your helmet in its cloth bag when not in use

Also, try your best not to drop your helmet, even from a small height.
Whether it’s a £50 or a £500 lid, the outer shell might look fine, but inside the EPS lining (the Polystyrene bit) could be irreparably damaged. Bike helmets are one impact only so why risk it? Best advice, treat them like an egg – if it drops, we recommend you REPLACE IT!


Pinlock lenses stop you steaming up, but just like your helmet, it needs to be looked after for it to do its job, so here’s our tips…

Chances are, if your helmet came with a Pinlock lens, we have fitted it for you and already given you this advice. But first things first, remember to remove the film off the lens or everything will look a little blurry.

If your lens starts to steam up it could be for one of the following reasons:

It needs a clean – like everything else they get grimy.
Remove the Pinlock lens from the visor, run it under the tap (luke warm water) and rub it with your fingers, then leave it to dry on its own before reinstalling in your visor.

Don’t wipe it with any cloths as this can scratch it and block the pores.

If you are in a rush, grab your hairdryer (yes we can see you guys with no hair rubbing your scalp – see if your Mrs will let you borrow hers) put it on a cold setting at a distance, this will also avoid any annoying water marks.

The seal has come loose and the pins need adjusting
To do this they turn, sometimes by hand, sometimes with the use of tools – but be careful not to scratch your visor.

If these didn’t work – sorry, but chances are you need a new one.


Please remember, helmets don’t last forever and will need changing.

For a Thermoplastic Helmet, you are recommended to change them every 3 years.
For a Fibre Helmet, you are recommended to change them every 5 years.

Even without use, helmets deteriorate.

Hopefully, with the advice given here, you will be able to make sure your helmet lasts until it’s time to get a new one, or when you get a new bike and your current lid doesn’t match.

If you have any issues or any doubts regarding any of the information here, pop in-store or give us a call direct on 0121 296 5666.