How to Ride in the Rain

Here are a few top tips from our rain soaked, slightly soggy, every day- all weather riders here at Streetbike…

1. Keep it smooth and do everything upright. Get your braking done while you’re upright, accelerate when you’re upright and stay on the big, fat bit of the tyre.

2. Watch out for Diesel. Often seen as a smeary rainbow type effect, especially prominent at roundabouts, at traffic lights, and corners. If you hit a patch – just wait it will pass but don’t change anything. Keep off the brakes and coast until it’s over!

3. Relax – it’s gonna be OK. Quite often you find that people who are fast in the dry aren’t really relaxed while they’re doing it, and that means they can’t ride well in the wet. It really does make a dramatic difference.

4. Most modern road tyres are really good in the wet – but you still need to get temperature into them and, in the wet, that can take six or seven miles to do so.

5. Short shifting through the gearbox gives the rear tyre a much easier time of it – and you’re less likely to lose grip. If it’s a second gear corner in the dry at 10,000rpm – it’s a 3rd gear one at 6,000rpm in the wet.

6. Wear the right gear – it’s much easier to concentrate if you haven’t got water leaking into every orifice!

7. Don’t make sudden moves or snatch your gear changes. Roll that throttle on gently. Go easy on that front brake lever too, smoothly does it.

8. Careful on the white stuff. Road markings, pedestrian crossings etc. all get slippy in the wet.

9. Chop the throttle for whatever reason and you’ll load the front tyre. Keep driving forward and the weight stays off.

10. If it’s an unavoidable long wet run on the motorway, plan for stops at every service station. Don’t battle through have a brew – your brain needs more of a break in the wet.