It’s The Big One – time to light up all those little faces with our Toy Run to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House.

Like in previous years we’ll be opening our car park early at 09:00am and the ride will leave Streetbike at 11:00am. The store will be closed but we’ll have tea urns on the go, and you’ll be able to use the loos !

At the end of the ride NCP car parks are again kindly letting us park up for free at their Whittall Street site right by Ronald MacDonald House and Birmingham Children’s hospital.

In order to comply with Health and Safety rules you will need to register for the ride in advance.

You can register for the ride using the button below

Registration is of course free.

We’ve been in touch with Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House and here’s this year’s wish lists and guidelines for you.

Birmingham Children’s Hospital :

BCH receive less presents for their new-borns (0-3 months) and teenage patients (12-16 years). The staff have particularly asked this year for “Cot Toys” such as mobiles etc. Feedback they have received from staff on the wards is that gift cards (Amazon, Game, iTunes etc.) go down a treat for the teenagers.

Check out the BCH Wish List

Just a few things to also bear in mind…

Due to their Infection Control policy, they can only accept brand new toys for patients that are in the original packaging. Unfortunately, cuddly toys are not allowed unless in packaging as they could bring in infections from outside the hospital which could be potentially harmful to their patients.

Please note that in the interests of children’s dietary health and the dental health of their patients Birmingham Children’s Hospital can no longer accept donations of sweets/chocolate.

Ronald McDonald House :

For the House Kitchens believe it or not Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Air freshener, Bleach, Anti-bac, Toilet duck,Cleaning sponges, Loo rolls, Kitchen rolls, Blue rolls,Biscuits, Squash, Flavoured syrups for waffles,Henry Hoover bags, Shake and Vac

Any presents for kids aged 0-16yrs

Any presents for parents (who will be too busy to think of themselves)

Still not sure? Check out their Amazon List

As always you can drop your presents off here to us in the office at Streetbike.

So Donate Now

Naturally, this ride is learner friendly.

More details as they develop…