Bike Sales at Streetbike...

Selling bikes is at the core of everything we do - and we love it...

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We don’t just sell bikes here at Streetbike, we welcome you to a whole world of Motorcycling.

You can buy a motorbike from anywhere, we know this.. But can you get honest advice, exceptional quality and highly prepared used machines backed up with a strong Warranty and Full Factory Workshop facilities?. Can you get a new machine knowing it has had it’s Pre-Delivery Inspection carried out by a Factory Trained Technician through a highly equipped and fully prepared Technical Workshop?

Well, We don’t like to boast but…You can at Streetbike!

We always have at least 200 bikes in stock for you to choose from whether it’s a stylish new scoot for commuting to work on, the latest & greatest sports bike or a stunningly prepped used machine, whatever you want to do on a bike we’ve got something to cover it.

New Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha and Zero’s cover every kind of biking need between four stonking ranges.

Nothing is too much trouble and no question is too trivial for them. They’ll help you through everything to do with buying your bike from us and keep you informed every step of the way.

We think they’re the best of course, but it’s not just us who think that. We’ve been in the top three of Suzuki’s’ Salesperson of the Year for every year that they’ve run the competition and we won it two years on the trot too.