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When you buy a bike from us we want you to concentrate on enjoying your new bike that’s why with every bike we sell you get a free recovery contract...

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AA Roadside Assistance
FREE for one year with any new Suzuki from Streetbike…

If you’ve been a Suzuki rider for a long time, you’ll no doubt have noticed that their motorcycles go from strength to strength. In fact Suzuki pride themselves on designing and producing some of the most reliable motorcycles you can buy. Unfortunately they still haven’t produced a key that’s impossible to lose, a flat tyre that pumps itself up, or a motorcycle that keeps going when you’ve run out of petrol. But until we get these points mastered, there is the AA Suzuki Assistance Team.

Getting Help : In the event of a breakdown or an accident, you can give them a call on 0800 917 0656 & help will be on its way…

AA Suzuki Assistance is available with every new Suzuki On-Road Motorcycle from the date of purchase for 1 year and covers the following…

Roadside Assistance : If the machine cannot be repaired at the roadside, then arrangements will be made to take it to the nearest authorised Suzuki Dealer or another destination of your choice.

Home Start: This will bring help to your doorstep. Like Roadside Assistance, if it cannot be repaired at your home the AA will transport your machine to the nearest authorized Suzuki Dealer or another destination of your choice.

Relay: If a prompt local repair at the roadside is not possible, we will arrange onward passage for you, one passenger and your machine (including trailer/side-car on tow at any time, all subject to restrictions and eligibility) to any single mainland UK destination. This includes The Isle of Man, Northern Island and the Channel Islands; however, any ferry costs must be borne by you.

Message Service: If you wish, we can also get a message to a relative or colleague to let them know what is happening.

Yamaha Assist from the RAC
FREE for one year with any new Yamaha from Streetbike…

As the owner of a new Yamaha motorcycle, scooter or moped*, your machine is covered by Yamaha Assist for 12 months from the date that it was first registered.

Yamaha Assist is the breakdown service that Yamaha offers for your Yamaha motorcycle under the terms of an agreement which Yamaha has with RAC. Yamaha Assist provides comprehensive RAC Cover so that you will receive complete support if you should ever experience a problem with your Yamaha. Your Yamaha is also covered for others to ride, as long as they have your permission. Every time that you ride your Yamaha you can be assured that Yamaha Assist is there to help if you have a problem.

Yamaha Assist uses RAC’s computer-aided response service and network of modern call centres and this means that typical response times are just 45 minutes from call-out to attendance. And with an average repair time of only 25 minutes the RAC patrol will get you on the move quickly.

Getting Help: If you have a problem with your Yamaha simply call Yamaha assist on 0800 246 855 and give the following details:

Your name
Your Yamaha’s registration number preceded by

Y125 for 125cc and below
Y801 for above 125cc