When you buy your pride & joy, you want to keep it safe. Whilst we have a full range of security products available in Parts & Accessories we can add specific products to your bike deal and have them fitted ready for when you pick it up…

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All our new Suzuki’s and all new Yamaha’s over 125cc are fitted FREE by us with MASTER Security tagging from Datatag.

The MASTER Security Scheme system contains the following technologies

A number of Glass Transponders
A number of Stealth Ultra Violet Etches
Tamper Evident Warning and Re-Registration Label

In addition we would recommend the following…

There’s a couple of products we would specifically recommend you have for your bike…

Datatool System 4
This ground breaking Super Cat One Alarm and Immobiliser system has a unique shape which is designed to fit in even the most awkward spaces. The small remote control is designed for bikers with a universal key conversion included. It has ultra low current draw in it’s ‘winter mode’ whilst the metal nose cone protects the high power siren in the event of an attack. There’s even a unique PIN override using your own selectable PIN so you can still turn it off even if you’ve lost the remote control.

Datatool TrakKING
With full 24/7 monitoring and recovery assistance, the Datatool TrakKING system really is your guardian angel. We don’t believe in gimmicks on serious security products. The Thatcham TQA approved Datatool TrakKING system has been designed and built in the UK and is the most user friendly and accurate motorcycle tracking system available today, using the latest GPS chip set technology and SIM card features. Full 24/7 Monitoring and Recovery Assistance, No Speed History Data Logging & Virtually Zero Current Draw. There’s an Early Warning Feature so you can choose the geofence boundaries of your Datatool TrakKING system and any unauthorised movement outside of this area alerts both Datatool and the owner to the potential theft. Not only this but the owner will receive a text or email if the bike is moved within the boundary so you know what is happening immediately.

Pinpoint Locate Feature
– Log in to your dedicated account anytime for free and check the whereabouts of your bike.
You can even check to see that we’re doing our jobs properly.
Straight Forward Pricing
– the pricing is straight forward so you won’t get any nasty surprises!
When you buy the Datatool TrakKING system you pay just one price to include supply, fitment and nothing else to pay for whole year.

Here’s what we would recommend you have for your scooter…

Datatool Demon Alarm
The Datatool Demon is quite simply the best compact self-fit system you can buy for your scooter. Designed with market leading features, the Demon is one of the highest specification budget systems available and can be easily installed on any 12v bike. It has a High Powered Siren, a Waterproof Design, Glove Friendly Remote, Ultra Low Current Draw, Activation Notification, Failsafe Movement Sensor and it’s compact. The Datatool Demon’s simple 3 Wire Installation & Plug-In LED, ensures the Demon can be easily installed to any 12v Scooter.