Zero SR/S


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Available in two versions

Standard from £18,145 (after £1,500 plug in grant is deducted)
– includes 3kw rapid charge system.

Premium from £20,145 (after £1,500 plug in grant is deducted)
– heated hand grips, aluminum bar ends and 6kw rapid charge system

The SR/S is one of Zero’s most innovative, powerful, and intelligent motorcycles, offering elevated design and industry-leading performance.

Zero’s SR/S delivers the most forward-thinking technology in a fast-moving Industry.

The new SR/S features a sleek full fairing design and revised ergonomics for elevated comfort and functionality.

Built around Zero’s package of industry-leading power, control and connection, the SR/S offers a unique riding experience that is only truly understood with a hand on the throttle.


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Inspired by cutting edge aerospace design, the new look of the SR/S is rooted in its all-new aerodynamic fairing.

Like all things Zero Motorcycles, form follows function. When you lean into the cockpit and get behind the fairing you will be rewarded with a 13% improvement in highway efficiency and range with the SR/S versus its award-winning sibling, the SR/F.

Sit up and you’ll discover a more upright and relaxed riding position that feels as good as it looks.

Smarter Smarts

Smarter Smarts

Cypher II and III operating systems deliver precise performance seamlessly for a consistent and superior riding experience.

Rapid Recharge

Rapid Recharge

The innovative Rapid Charge System works on the large and growing network of Level 2 charge stations and provides a platform that allows for up to three independent charging modules.

This enables unique adaptability and the fastest recharge capacity in Zero’s lineup. With all three modules installed, the SR/S can charge from 0 to 95 percent capacity in one hour.

Fluidity - Without Fluids.

Fluidity – Without Fluids.

Zero’s philosophy – add nothing to the machine unless it enhances the experience. The Z-Force® motor features a single moving part, no messy fluids, no clutch, and no transmission. Charge. Start every day at 100%.

Zero SR/S Technical Video

Technical Video

Rider Review

Rider Review

By John Chivers

“I’m riding one of the very first Zero SR/S 14.4 2020 electric motorbikes to land in the UK. Barely off the ship, it’s just nudged one hundred miles when I get to try it out.”



Thanks to lower foot position and higher handlebar height, riders will enjoy a more upright and relaxed riding position on the new SR/S. Its ergonomic comfort even extends to two-up riding, giving passengers the ride of their life with matching lower pegs and a larger seating area. The fine-tuned suspension adds another level of luxury to the ride.

Power - 1

The ZF14.4 lithium-ion battery makes the SR/S capable of a 200-mile maximum range with the optional Power Tank. The battery’s industry-leading power and energy density combined with an aluminium heat-sink housing and thermal transfer interface ensure consistent cell cooling and maximum long-term powertrain performance.

Power - 2

The ZF75-10 motor delivers 140 ft-lb of torque and 110 hp, effortlessly propelling the SR/S to a top speed of 124 mph. Pairing Zero’s renowned internal permanent magnet brushless architecture and a passively air-cooled compact design creates class-leading performance and efficiency.

Power - 3

Our scalable Rapid Charge System allows the bike to be configured for 3 kW, 6 kW, 9 kW or 12 kW of charging at any standard Level 2 charge station.* The SR/S Rapid Charge System charges at up to 38 miles of range per hour of charging (mphc) on 3 kW, 76 mphc on 6 kW, and 153 mphc on 12 kW, which can recharge the battery pack to 95% capacity in 1 hour.

Power - 4

A proprietary concentric motor and swingarm pivot design provide the optimal architecture to ensure constant drive-belt tension and maximum torque delivery to the rear wheel. A custom designed large-bearing swing arm pivot allows ample space for the high-performance motor while allowing a slim chassis waist to enhance rider ergonomics and bike manoeuvrability.

Control - 1

Cypher III, Zero’s proprietary operating system acts as a hub to integrate all motorcycle systems. It delivers precise performance seamlessly for a consistent and superior riding experience.

Control - 2

The SR/S offers an arsenal of ride modes which allows the rider to customise the bike’s performance through the intuitive next-generation app and dash interface. The SR/S navigates the road no matter the conditions with Street, Sport, Eco, Rain and up to 10 programmable custom modes.

Control - 3

The SR/S integrates Bosch’s MSC System, renowned for dynamic acceleration and improved stability regardless of road surface or conditions. When combined with Cypher III, the MSC’s full capabilities are unleashed, resulting in best-in-class straight-line ABS cornering brake control, traction control, and drag torque control.

Control - 4

Incredibly light. Unbelievably strong. The steel-trellis frame, custom swingarm and advanced Showa suspension deliver an athletic and intuitive riding experience. The power train is perfectly distributed, resulting in a weight-optimised/mass-centralised design, while a dual radial front brake system makes shedding speed as exhilarating as building it.


Customise your dash. Choose the bike info you want and see it clearly on the full-color 5” TFT LCD display. Multi-mode navigation enables on-the-fly ride mode switching, cruise-control, heated-grip* control and much more.

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