O.K, we all know insurance is a necessary evil,
but you’ve got to have it.

And so have we, so that we can tax your bike quickly and get you out riding your new pride and joy while the sun’s still shining.

Use a comparison site to get the best quote you can and then get the cover note to us ASAP.

Some of the manufacturers’ official schemes can be very good, particularly if you’re buying one of their new bikes. Don’t take online prices for granted. If they don’t call you, you call them. Go back with the best quote you’ve had, and they’ll often compete. We regularly get better quotes on the phone. And don’t forget, in terms of real-life riding performance; forget trick exhausts and power commanders. We reckon fully comp is worth another 10mph on any given bend!

So, what’s the difference between the different types….

Third Party Only:

Basic Policy whose main purpose is to ensure that if you (as the insured person) cause an accident to another person (known as a Third Party), that other person will be able to claim for costs incurred by the accident.

Third Party, Fire & Theft:

In addition to third party only, this cover includes the cost of repairs or compensation to the insured if their vehicle is: Damaged by Fire, Lightning & Explosions. Damaged either during attempted theft or while it is stolen or is stolen and not recovered.


The most common form of insurance cover for vehicles is comprehensive cover, offering the widest possible protection. In addition to the cover granted by the third party, fire and theft policy, the policy covers other accidental and malicious damage to the insured’s vehicle.

Make sure you’re insured by clicking here. The link takes you to the Motor Insurance Database site where you can enter your reg. number and the site will tell you if you are insured.