Start Biking

Riding a bike, any bike, is the absolute biz – if you do it properly. Be it commuting every day on a scooter or blasting around a racetrack on a superbike – being trained properly from day one will make it all happen.

Taking your time to get trained properly will pay dividends in the long term. There’s no rush – take it at your own pace. Doing your research is part of that, and we hope this section will help you along your way.

We no longer offer training so…

Here’s a few local training schools for you to try

All the info you need to get started

Getting Your Licence
Getting Your Licence
Take your CBT
Take your CBT
Do your DAS
Do your DAS
Streetbike Training School - Theory Tests
The Theory Tests
Streetbike Training School - Passing Your Test
Passing Your Test
Streetbike Training School - Common Questions
Common Questions

What you can look forward to once you pass your test.

Saving Money

Not only is it cheaper to tax your bike or scooter, but you get astounding fuel ecomony compared to a car and, if you ride an electric bike the savings are evan greater.

Congestion charges are coming, and you’ll be pleased to know that they generally don’t apply to bikes and scooters.


There is nothing quite like riding a motorcycle, it’s addictive being at one with a bike that weighs only a few hundred kilos, highly aware of the environment you are riding though.

Easy Parking

Miles easier than with a car and there are more and more designated motorcycle parking area’s being rolled out.

Even on street parking is easier as you can generally get into the gaps that badly parked cars leave.

The Scene

Biking is a very social activity if you want it to be. From a polite nod to a passing biker on the road to biker nights and full on biker events like the annual motorbike show at the NEC.

No matter what they may look like most bikers are friendly souls alway ready to talk bikes.

Effortless Commuting

Not only will you arrive at work with a grin on your face, generally your commute will be quicker, once you’ve developed the art of carefully filtering your way past queues of cars.

Bikes are Cool

Let’s face it bikers are just simply cool.

Don’t forget it’s supposed to be fun. And it is. Better than that, when you’ve got your licence, got your bike and your riding, its life changing. You’ll know what we mean when you’re there. And once you’re in, you’ll never go back. It’s just ace.