Ridefree is the award-winning enhanced compulsory basic training (CBT). Its aim is to help you prepare for your CBT and riding on the road.

Mark Winn, DVSA Chief Driving and Riding Examiner, said:
“As motorcyclists are amongst the most vulnerable road users it’s essential, they have the right knowledge and skills needed to stay safe on Britain’s roads.”

“Getting the right advice from a professional instructor and the new ride free course helps new riders get the most from their CBT and should improve road safety.”

CBT should be an enjoyable experience. But there’s a lot to learn, and it’s normal to feel anxious about your first bike ride. The good news is that Ridefree will help you become a better and more confident rider by:

  • increasing your knowledge of riding skills and behaviour
  • giving you more time to focus on learning the practical skills
  • linking the eLearning to the practical skills.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and Highways England developed Ridefree – a combination of eLearning pre-course modules and an enhanced version of the CBT syllabus. It’s based on evidence and tailored to the experiences of real learners and real trainers.

You should complete the five pre-course eLearning modules before doing the practical CBT session. They are:

Module 1 – The Highway Code and hazard perception
Module 2 – Motorcycle clothing, equipment, and maintenance
Module 3 – The link between rider behaviour and rider safety
Module 4A – Risk-increasing factors (part 1)
Module 4B – Risk-increasing factors (part 2)
Module 5 – The impact of being involved in an incident and becoming an experienced rider.

When you’ve successfully completed all five modules, you’ll receive your Ridefree certificate.

To take the course, you need to register on the Safe Driving for Life website.