Accessory Fitting.

Be it an Alarm, a new can or a trick set of levers - we'll fit 'em and make sure it's done right...


Want to make your bike your own but don’t know one end of a spanner from the other? No sweat bring your bike and your trick bit into us and we’ll get it fitted for you.

We can fit all kinds of accessories and trick bits CORRECTLY for you inc. alarms, exhausts, and heated grips.

Fitting an alarm or a tracker correctly is not a simple job – here’s how we do it…

First, we have to strip out the whole back end of the bike to its bare bones so we can get at everything. Next, we have to cut the main cable loom and identify by testing which of all those all black wires in the loom do what. Once that’s done, we can splice in the alarm / tracker and make the loom look as good as new. Fitting the indicator LED is next for an alarm, we generally put ours in the rear light or one of the indicators, so it looks neat. Once we’ve fitted the seat switch it’s time to put everything back together again.

We always make sure that the alarm or tracker is upgraded with the latest software and set up your own personal PIN for you. Did you know Datatool Alarms are only guaranteed and insurance approved IF fitted by a registered Datatool installer like us ?

Finally, it’s a full road test to check everything is good to go and that’s it . We give your baby a polish, fill in the fitting certificate, and give you a call to let you know it’s done.

How hard can it be ? Actually, get it wrong, & you’ll definitely screw up your bike’s performance…

So you’ve bought that shiny expensive exhaust system, you rush back home like a kid at Christmas, throw open the box, empty the small countries worth of packaging only to find the dreaded books worth of instructions.

In this age of sensors for virtually every nut and bolt, no longer is it the case of slipping on the shiny end pipe and instant bleeding ears !!! Instead you’re greeted with a dashboard like a Christmas tree covered in engine management lights !!!

So let us decipher that book of instructions (yes we do actually read them !!!), fight the engine light monster, and get you on the road with no fuss or heartache just ear numbing FUN !!!

Genuine or aftermarket there’s nothing better for winter riding…

Advanced grips require installation, but they have features like adjustable temperatures, LED heat indicators and ergonomic handles made of soft rubber. Genuine Heated Grips when fitted well look like they’ve been standard equipment from the factory.

We can fit genuine or aftermarket panniers to your bike.

Perfect for long trips or just doing some shopping. Ditch the rucksack and get some fitted.