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When it comes to your manufacturers regular services – we go above and beyond…

Thing is – we can’t help ourselves, it just gotta be right. So when we see “Lube Chain” in the manufacturers service specifiction we know there’s no point in putting clean lube on a filthy chain – so we don’t. We clean it then lube it then adjust it – then we know it’s right.

Here’s some of the things that are involved in a typical 6000mile service.

Fuel Line
Check for Cracks or Damage

Visual Inspection for Cracks, Kinks & Defects, replace if needed. Cracked or kinked pipes can at the very least make your bike run poorly. Worse case scenario is a fuel line leak onto a hot motor !

Spark Plugs
Check Condition, Clean & Re-gap

Remove, Clean & Check Spark Plug Air Gap. Do visual check for running issues. Gives better flame front for better fuel efficiency.

Check Operation & Adjust

Carry out correct adjustment of free play of cable. Incorrect adjustment can cause clutch slip if too little and notchy, lurchy gear change if too much.

Front and Rear Brakes
Check Operation, Fluid Level & vehicle for fluid leakage. Replace brake pads if worn to the limit & change brake fluid every 2 years

Visual inspection of Pad thickness and Disc thickness measurement. Inspect fluid levels & moisture content. Inspect all banjo unions and connections.

High moisture content of fluid can cause gas bubbles at high temperatures which gives spongy feel to the lever. Worn pads in contact with disc will accelerate disc wear and gives a really bad noise !

Brake Hoses
Check for cracks or damage. Replace every 4 years.

Brake Lines checked for any damage of the outer protection and for deformation under brake pressure. Damaged pipes could cause a sudden loss of brakes. Deformations can give a spongy brake feel.

Check runout & for damage

Visual inspections for cracks or damage of wheel. Run out eccentricity checked. Large run out can give vibrations and have an adverse effect on handling. Cracks or damage could result in wheel failure.

Check Tread Depth and for Damage, Replace if necessary. Check Air Pressure & Adjust if needed.

Measurement of tread depth and visual inspection for any foreign objects or tyre damage. Pressure checked with annually checked gauges. Tyre damage can cause sudden tyre deflation. Also, low tread depth can give stability issues in adverse weather conditions. Tyre pressures affects handling and play a bit part in fuel efficiency.

Wheel Bearings
Check for looseness or damage

Inspection of any play or noise with the wheels raised. Stability can be adversely affected with bearing problems.

Check operation and for excessive play. Lubricate.

Inspection of bushes & bearings with no weight on the bike. Excessive play can cause handling issues over uneven road conditions.

Drive Chain
Check slack, alignment & condition. Adjust & Lubricate.

Clean all old lubricant and dirt from chain. Re-lube and adjust and check for wear of chain and sprocket. If a chain is too loose or too tight this can severely affect gear changes. A properly adjusted and lubricated chain will increase fuel economy.

Steering Bearings
Check bearing play and steering for roughness.

Check for smooth operation from lock to lock. Check for looseness or tightness of bearings. Better Handling results from correct adjustment.

Chassis Fasteners
Ensure all nuts, bolts and screws are properly tightened.

Any fasteners we see we put a spanner, socket or screwdriver on it to check security and presence. A loose bolt at the very least will cause a loose component, worse case can lead to a component failure.

Shift Pedal Rod Pivots

Inspected for wear and lubricate with highly visible lubricant. Anti-corrosive, water replant lubricant will keep the pivot free and gear changes positive.

Side Stand
Check Operation and Lubricate. 

Inspected for wear and lubricate with highly visible lubricant. Anti-corrosive, water replant lubricant will keep the pivot free, so side stand goes through full travel to lock into place.

Side Stand Switch
Check Operation    

Side stand is placed down, first gear is selected to make sure engine cuts out.

If you can drive away with your side stand down your going to get a big surprise when you do your first left hander!!!

Front Fork and Shock Absorber Assembly
Check Operation and for Oil Leakage    

Suspension worked, checked for damping & abnormalities. Visual inspection of stanchions for damage and oil leaks. Stability & Handling can be affected by reduced damping or any kind of fork damage.

Rear Suspension Pivoting Points
Check Operation    

Inspected for excessive play laterally or side to side. Anti-corrosion lubricant sprayed on linkages for a little extra protection   Excessive play or even reduced movement can seriously affect handling.

Fuel Injection System
Adjust synchronization and engine idling speed          

Digital vacuum measuring gauge used on the throttle bodies which measure relative vacuum on each cylinder. Different modes can also point to valve or intake issue. Correct adjustment gives Better Acceleration also a more stable tick over. Better performance & fuel economy.

Engine Oil
Change, check level and vehicle for oil leakage. replace oil drain bolt gasket

Oil Drained and filter replaced. No point putting clean oil through dirty filter.

Cleaned oil helps a lot more at keeping engine temperature down thus helping fuel economy & running.

Cooling System
Check coolant level and vehicle for coolant leakage.  

Visual inspection of hoses for leaks or damage. Coolant level checked also condition checked using a specific gravity checker. Better coolant does a better job of cooling !! Increases economy & power. Gravity checked for cold weather conditions to stop coolant freezing and causing motor damage.

Front & Rear Brake Switches
Check Operation,   

Brakes applied, and light checked. If the person behind doesn’t know you’re slowing down, you become a very nice bonnet accessory!!

Moving Parts & Cables

Foot pegs, switch gear, key locks, fuel cap seats – if it moves it gets lubricated so that it will keep moving. Cuts down on part failure due to the component being forced to move.

Throttle Grip Housing & Cable
Check Operation & Free Play. Adjust & Lubricate        Throttle tube & housing inspected for any damage & security.

Operation checked on both locks to make sure of correct throttle opening & closing and correct free play. Incorrect free play can cause engine racing at different steering locks or a feeling of “Lag” if too much play. A poorly serviced throttle assembly can cause very serious problems with handling, stability and fuel economy.

Air Induction System
Check air cut off valve, reed valve & hose for damage. Replace as needed

Purge air system, check for any leaked or kinks. Reed Valves cleaned and inspected for damage. Any kind of air leak can cause popping & banging on overrun. Will also cause issues with high emissions, not good for the environment.

Muffler & Exhaust Pipe
Check screw clamp for looseness

Check system for leaks and damage. Check all clamps for security     A leaking or poor serviced exhaust system can severely reduce fuel economy.

Lights, Signals & Switches
Check Operation. Adjust Headlight Beam        

All lights & switches checked for correct operation. If your lights don’t work correctly not only is your visibility reduced but, it’s kind of nice to see what’s in front of you!

Check Condition     

Connections checked for security and lubed to reduce oxidation. Charging checked to manufacturers specifications. Nothing worse than getting all kitted up, slinging your leg over and the noise of a slowly turning starter motor!! Plus, if charging is low it can cause running faults on all injector models

So you can see – there’s a lot done whilst we’ve got your pride and joy !

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